The Inception

In 2015, Folake was inspired to create LIZKELA to be a fashion powerhouse, designed for confident individuals who enjoy African inspired fashion. The name Lizkela originates from her English name "Elizabeth" and Yoruba name "Folake". Shortly after its conception, Folake partnered with her brother - Lex, whose background is in Software Engineering & Entertainment Business. Together they bring a unique background and experience to the fashion industry.

In 2018, we launched Lizkela with two handbag collections; Genesis and Hidden print. We’re also working on our Blossom scarf collection, Mecca waist bag collection, a few product lines for an apparel collection and in light of COVID-19, we have slightly pivoted our business to include masks as well.

As a brand, we invest time creating stimulating products starting from our design and material selection to our manufacturing and packaging. What we represent as a brand is top notch quality products without compromise on luxury! With our customers in mind, our goal is to deliver the Lizkela experience by striving for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our Brand Mantra:
Be Bold, Be Different, Be Creatively Inspired, Be Lizkela  

Our mission

To create ready to wear African inspired fashion incorporating traditional elements from our rich cultural heritage with modern influences. Our goal is to design, create and inspire the current and future generation of African fashion. 

Our Vision

Over the years, we have seen fashion evolve from just a piece of clothing into a form of art and expression. We believe in empowering our customers with the creative freedom of imagination and encourage them to express, create, style and innovate the current norm of African fashion. We are excited to be a part of the evolutionary journey propelling African fashion into mainstream contemporary marketplace. 

CEO and Founder

I'm a self-taught designer, software engineer & entrepreneur with a background in Science & Technology. I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria until the age of 17 then moved to the states to pursue an advanced learning degree. I graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Biotechnology and went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Immunology at Long Island University. Growing up, I wanted to become a scientist, but as life would have it, I ended up in Software Engineering and Tech.

My love for fashion started back in my senior year of college and while in Nigeria, I had done a few TV commercials because of my father's involvement in broadcast and show business, so I was familiar with the industry. I never thought I would wind up back in the beauty and fashion industry but again, life is filled with mysteries, so here we are…

What we envision for Lizkela is high quality fashion inspired by contemporary designs and out of the box thinking. Traditional norms of African fashion have been done and cycled for many decades. Our vision for Lizkela is breaking the molds of what is defined as African fashion. As Lizkela continues to grow and mature, we hope to expand our business to include menswear and couture fashion. Also, our mission is not only to make great products but also to provide the best customer experience possible.

Co-founder & CTO

I have 16+ years of Full Stack Web and Mobile Application experience. I worked with various client engagements to implement various Greenfield Technologies. Such implementations include 12-factor Event-Driven CQRS Microservices, REST APIs, Front-end website, and native mobile applications to build Enterprise Level Sass Platforms using cloud technology.

I have always been around fashion and I worked at MKORs for a few years. I learned the inner workings of the business from a technology perspective. I have a unique eye for design, along with my sister, who is the CEO of the company. I was given the opportunity to partner with her to bring her dream to life.

Realizing what the potential of what my sister's vision would be, my take on Lizkela is that Lizkela is a forward-thinking company that wants to bridge the traditions of the African culture into a modern era by weaving elements of storytelling in the design and art of the products manufactured/crafted.


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